Welcome to TrailStash

Make and share maps of your favorite trails.

What is TrailStash?

TrailStash is an easy to use cloud platform to create custom trailmaps that are optimized for digital use. You get to draw your trails and group them together as a map on the computer and then use them from your mobile phone.

Get started today to create a map for your Trails, Park or Event.

Custom Maps

TrailStash was built because we know that not all maps have the same needs. Each map can have it's own unique set of difficulties and background tiles

Draw trails by hand

TrailStash features a built-in editing tool to tweak trail routes or draw them entirely by hand

Elevation Profiles

TrailStash automatically generates elevaiton profiles for all your trails

Mobile Support

Your maps will look and work great on phones!

Offline Ready

ServiceWorkers are used to ensure your maps are still available even without an internet connection

Privacy Concious

Not all trails and trail systems are meant to be shared. TrailStash has support for keeping trail maps private